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The Italian Brandy of Excellence

The history of Villa Zarri Brandy is linked to the history of an illustrious Bolognese family and began in 1954, the year in which Leonida Zarri bought the Pilla, a company based in Venice, which produced excellent brandies and liqueurs. Among these, at the time, the Select stood out, the most famous Italian aperitif.
Shortly afterwards the Pilla was transferred to Castel Maggiore, near Villa Zarri.

In 1986 the Brandy Villa Zarri was born, an artisan product, with the aim of becoming the best Italian Brandy.


The distillery was installed in a building adjacent to Villa Zarri, once used as a stable. Today, completely restructured, it is intended not only for distillation, but also for tastings with passionate consumers

The distillation process is essential to obtain a great wine distillate. The one we have adopted is the two-step discontinuous method, carried out with the Charentais alembic, entirely in copper.

"The only great
Italian Brandy"

In 1990, the young Guido Fini Zarri presented the first bottle of Brandy Villa Zarri on the market. In fact, following the footsteps of his grandfather and father in this business, he wanted at all costs to produce a completely natural distillate, derived from the distillation with the discontinuous method of Trebbiano wine of Romagna. The result was a Brandy that doesn’t fear comparison, of superior quality and great style.
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Villa Zarri

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